3 simple steps to maintain the hygiene of the bath sponge

The bath sponge is a utensil that is never missing in our bathroom, but very few spend time cleaning it.

And although we bathe with the bath sponge, it usually accumulates a large amount of bacteria and germs, so often we must also clean it. Good hygiene will help you keep your body safe from possible skin diseases transmitted by dirt and bacteria that live in them.

So below we present three simple steps with which you will be able to maintain the hygiene of the bath sponge, they are not very difficult to do, but they are indispensable.

How to maintain the hygiene of the bath sponge

Let it dry well

Moisture is the perfect atmosphere for microorganisms to grow and adhere to this personal hygiene tool, so it is vital that after bathing you place it near an open window so that the air circulates and dries, and thus prevent the development of bacteria that can affect the health of your skin. Before drying it, be sure to rinse it thoroughly and remove any soap residue.

Microwave sterilize

Proper cleaning will help your bath sponge to not harbor microorganisms, in addition to outdoor drying it is necessary to subject it to high temperatures to get rid of bacteria completely.

It is recommended that once a week you put it inside the oven for about 20 seconds to eliminate any trace of germs. Before putting it to the micro check that it is a little wet and avoid burning, especially if the fiber is synthetic.

Disinfect it

You can use a little bleach in a bucket of hot water and wash it, let stand for 15 minutes, rinse it with cold water and dry it in the sun. You can replace the chlorine with white vinegar and a little baking soda to kill the bacteria. Remember to do this procedure periodically to maintain hygiene.

Proper hygiene will prevent your skin from being defenseless against bacteria that accumulate in the bath sponge. Protect yourself and yours with these easy cleaning tips.

Hopefully with some frequency you try to maintain the hygiene of your bath sponge, in this way you will have an excellent cleaning of your body. We appreciate your time reading this publication, we hope it has been helpful.


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