7 Golden Rules for you to learn to earn more money


Money is very important in our life, because thanks to it we can buy many things to survive on a daily basis.

To have more money you do not need a miracle or a greater effort in your work, what you need is to use that effort in another way and in other sources. Many millionaires say that the way we think is what makes the difference and that is why they have shared some of their “commandments” when it comes to making money.

Here are some rules to learn how to earn more money. Pay close attention and most importantly: Put them into practice.

Learn to earn more money

Save to invest

According to millionaires there is no better reason to save than to invest. The money you save you do not have to touch or for those luxury vacations, for that make another separate savings. Save to start your life’s business or start with a small project.

Search the markets where the money is

Before the best option to multiply your money was the stock market. Currently the money is in the mass media and social networks. Throughout life this changes and you have to continually observe the market to know where the treasure is.


Invest your money in different sources of income. Don’t bet everything on the same horse. Keep your salaried employment while you achieve your goals, but at the same time invest in one or several small or large businesses, depending on your capacity or savings.

Don’t appear what you are not

Do not spend money you do not have. Do not want to live a life of luxury without having enough money. Do not borrow with cards you better save; Instead of spending on expensive restaurants every weekend, organize meetings at your home and, if you can, save a portion of the money you did not spend outside.

Invest in you

Whether taking courses, buying books or dedicating yourself to reading information that is really enriching on the Internet. There is currently a world of free tutorials on the net. Also, if you want to move in the business world, you must be a person who can talk about everything, that knows about politics, markets and even sports.

Change the way you think about money

Stop thinking that money is something impossible for you to achieve or that, although you would like to have more, you are fine. Start by accepting that having money is not bad as long as it is obtained legally and without going over anyone.

Age is just a number

That’s right, age doesn’t count when making more money. While it is true that in many countries the mistake is made of not employing people because of their age, it is also true that if you are determined to make money, you can achieve it at any age. The important thing is that you have the knowledge about what you want to undertake.

We hope that these rules serve you and carry them out in order to earn more money.


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