7 mixtures of fruits that you never knew were deadly!

Fruits tend to be super sensitive foods and include many nutritional vitamins. In addition, they have water that helps us hydrate and that we can consume without remorse, because the vast majority does not contain fat. However, this does not imply that they are ideal. Like everything, you have to understand exactly how and when to eat them.

A few mixtures of fruits along with other foods could be fatal to health.

Heaviness of the abdomen, level of acidity and even a low blood count are some of the side effects of refusing to eat the fruit properly.

Know the most severe combinations you can make with fruits:

1. Fruit with sugar

Most fruits are actually sugary. They have their own sugars. For that reason, it is not recommended to add sugars, because they cause bloating and indigestion.

Therefore, if you thought that the fruit cakes had been light, to decompose quickly, I have bad news: They can be fatal.

2. Orange with carrot

Possibly due to its color, or possibly the combination of flavors, most think that mixing orange with carrots is an excellent idea. Absolutely nothing further from the truth. This mixture can drastically improve stomach acidity, leading to various complications. Induces extra bile, so it can produce a solid and irritating reflux. In addition, it potentiates the harmful ingredients for the renal system.

3. Pineapple with dairy products

Acidic fruits should not normally be mixed with dairy products. Popular tradition often states that it is simply because “milk is cut” inside the stomach, while this is not so, therefore, there is some reality within the affirmation.

Acidic fruits retard digestion, and are heavy, specifically in the morning.

Within the particular situation of the pineapple, in addition, it includes a chemical known as bromelain, which together with dairy products can generate intoxication.

4. Banana with milk

A delicious banana milkshake with milk and sugar is a pleasure, especially in summer. However, it is not the best friend of digestion.

I said in point 1, adding sugars to fresh fruits makes them heavier. We mix banana with milk, the end result will be an excellent stomach heaviness and slower digestion.

5. Guava with banana

The results of this mixture can be incredibly unpleasant. It can cause nausea or vomiting, heaviness and gas.

In addition, it plays a role in headaches and stomach aches.

6. Fruits with vegetables

The vegetables, mixed with fresh fruit sugar, ferment them inside the stomach and generate toxins. This causes us all, stomach problems such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.

In addition, it can result in a vulnerability to specific diseases and headaches.

7. Lemon with papaya

It’s not really a very typical combination, however, you should stay away from it no matter what happens. Mixing these foods can cause blood problems, especially the amount of hemoglobin.