7 signs that you are consuming too much sugar

While it is true that sweet foods are delicious, it is also true that the effects of excess sugar in our bodies are not as pleasant. There are many people who love sugar, or at least sweet foods, as well as desserts, chocolates, cookies, candy and sodas. But how do we know when our body suffers from an excess of blood sugar?

7 signs that you are consuming too much sugar

1. You always want to eat sugar – carbohydrates

You have too frequent cravings to consume something sweet. It is important to remember that sugar causes addiction, which will lead to a chain reaction of sweet cravings.

2. Exhaustion and fatigue

This is another clear symptom that you have too much sugar in your body. If you always feel tired and without energy, you are probably consuming too much sugar in your daily diet.

3. Weight gain

Of course, consuming too much sugar will make you gain a few extra kilos. Sugar lacks protein and fiber, which means that when you consume it you will not easily get the feeling of fullness and, therefore, you will continue to eat.

Sugar activates the release of insulin, which transports sugar to all the organs of the body to be used as energy. When we consume too much sugar, too much insulin is produced, which over time causes a resistance to this substance by our body. This causes overweight and obesity.

4. Flu and cold

The high consumption of sugars weakens the immune system, which causes us to suffer more frequently from the flu, colds and other types of viruses.

5. It is not the same sweet taste as before

Remember that sugar is addictive. It is proven that consuming too much sugar saturates the taste buds, which will increase your tolerance to sugar and you will start ordering more and more sweet foods.

As soon as you begin to consume less sugar, your taste buds will decrease your tolerance to that substance, and you will begin to feel satisfied with small amounts of sugar.

6. Misty brain

This is another symptom that you have too much sugar in your blood. Too much sugar in the blood increases the risk of cognitive problems and brain damage.

7. Dark circles under the eyes and skin problems

Sugar when consumed becomes a powerful inflammatory for our body, capable of causing diseases such as acne, eczema, rosacea, dark circles and fat accumulation.

If you reduce the level of sugar intake, your skin will improve considerably; it will become softer and lighter.

The podiatrist of New York City, Dr. Sherri Greene, says that the consumption of high levels of sugar is capable of causing the condition known as plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by pain in the heel and other parts of the foot.

Decrease your sugar intake and your overall health will improve completely.