9 amazing home remedies that our grandparents used to stay healthy

Often, the unusual treatments of our own grandparents really work! For that reason, I discovered 9 of those magic potions that will significantly relieve your daily life.

1. Lemons for ear problems

You can reduce an earache if you simply squeeze a few drops of lemons into the ear canal and leave it for a moment. This is due to the undeniable fact that the juice of lemons will strengthen the pH levels inside the ear.

2. Sodium bicarbonate in case of urinary infections

To cope with the symptoms of urinary tract infection quickly, just add a little baking soda to 1 cup of drinking water! It will alkalinize the bladder, treat infections and stop the multiplication of harmful bacteria.

3. Celery to fight bad breath

Chew a lot of celery for 1 minute and bad breath will no longer be a problem.

4. Olives to fight dizziness

Olives are abundant in tannins, which prevent excessive creation of saliva, which is a typical symptom of dizziness. For that reason, get some juicy olives before a long trip and you can enjoy the trip!

5. Raisins to relieve arthritis symptoms

Raisins are excellent when it comes to arthritis, and surely you also heard your grandmother and grandfather recommend placing golden raisins overnight with a little gin.

6. Dried apricots to help with indigestion

Grandma and grandpa often eat dried apricots after dinner. That helps the digestive system and reduces swelling, since they are rich in fiber.

7. Yams to help with menopause symptoms

Yams are not the same as sweet potatoes, because they have a harder shell and are darker in color. They are full of vitamin C and A, which regulate hormones, as well as soluble fiber, which balances the amounts of cholesterol.

8. Potatoes to help with spider bites

Raw potatoes effectively reduce itching and inflammation due to spider attacks. All you need to do is take a piece of raw potato and put it in the affected area for a couple of minutes.

9. Nettles to fight hair loss

Nettle leaf has been found to contain higher levels of calcium, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and beta-carotene. In addition, it has higher amounts of vitamins D, A, C and B.

They are rich in nutrients and nutritional vitamins, which increases hair growth and stops hair loss. You need boiling water, 4 – 6 nettle leaves and everything comes together in a cup.


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