Attention! This is what happens to your body when you retain stool

If you are going to eat, you will need to go to the bathroom later; It is only a natural biological function that everyone faces in life.

But there are many people who prefer to endure and begin to retain stool, something they think is fine, although the reality is that it is not beneficial for their health. Although it turns out to be necessary when we are in a meeting or meeting, it is advisable not to do it very often.

So if you are used to doing this, here we tell you what happens to your body when you retain stool.

This happens to your body when you hold stool.

1. The frequency varies from person to person

People are different, and when it comes to pooping, the normal range extends from a couple of times a day, to once every three days. Anything less than three times a week is abnormal; However, any pattern is healthy, as long as the frequency does not affect your quality of life.

2. The poop smells

The poop smells bad. However, the degree to which it smells can be reduced to your diet. Science, and our own nose, have shown that herbivores have less smelly stools than carnivores, so the more vegetables consumed, the less smell in the stool. But be careful of very smelly stools, there may be an underlying medical condition that is causing you to not digest food properly.

3. You don’t have to clean the colon

Is it bad to hold stool? Yes, if you do it often. So does that mean you have to clean the colon? No, the colon does not need cleaning. Cleansing depletes the healthy bacteria normally found in the colon. Prolonged cleaning can lead to swelling, cramping, electrolyte disturbances, and nausea. The colon is aimed at producing feces in it all the time. Unless your colon needs a cleaning for medical reasons (colonoscopy), it is better to leave it that way.

4. Stool consistency varies

It is normal for people to have a range of types that are classified on the Bristol stool scale, from small hard granules to liquids. None of these types of feces are bad for you unless, to do them, you must be strong or you are worrying if you will arrive on time to the toilet to make them. Also if the stool is consistently thin. It could be a sign of colon cancer or hemorrhoids.

5. Pooping shouldn’t take long

The time that each person spends in the bathroom can vary according to people’s routine. If it turns out that you are a great reader, you may want to finish the chapter you were reading. Other people may get distracted by their iPhone or get caught with an interesting article in a magazine. However, if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom bidding, you will have to talk to your doctor about the possible causes and solutions.

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