Benefits of onion for health

Onions are a nutrient rich in nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They are low in calories and also an excellent medicinal alternative.

The onion can be used for treatments of the skin and hair, as well as it is used to prevent several types of cancer and it is also proven that its consumption improves the mood.

For thousands of years onions have been used for medicinal purposes. In the beginning, the cultivation of this vegetable was purely for this purpose, since its benefits are almost infinite.

Start using the onion in the following ways and kill these diseases

To treat cramps we must boil slices of yellow onion, let this liquid cool and strain. Then, give a spoonful of this to the affected person and repeat the process every hour or until the cramps disappear.

The crushed onion along with honey, are a perfect mixture to treat congestion in the chest. We just apply this mixture on our chest, place a towel on top and let it act until it has a feeling of heat, at this time we should remove the towel and wash the area.

To stop the bleeding in a cut we can use the thin transparent layer that is between the thicker layers of the onion. If we place this layer on the cut we can stop the bleeding immediately.

If we place slices in several areas of the house we can get to purify the air, this will also help to eliminate odors or those that are very strong – and harmful – like the one left by a freshly painted wall.

To accelerate hair growth we should rub an onion slice through our scalp and then wash normally.

They are incredible all the benefits that this vegetable can give us, tell it to everyone and start to take advantage of this miraculous food. Share this information with all your neighbors and help them to try this alternative that nature gives us. You will be able to notice immediate changes and you will feel comfortable with your healthy life.

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