Coconut oil is fully known for its various benefits, usually networks and advertising are bombarded with ads for products to eliminate imperfections and defects to look like models but what are not advertisements are the chemicals with which they are made.

Most cosmetics available in retail stores, contain harmful chemicals, some of them carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors and in fact, can have neurotoxic effects.


Because it is so beneficial to health and natural, it is not surprising that it can be used as a substitute for products harmful to health, here is a list of the various ways in which you can use coconut oil:

Moisturizing:  nothing else with rubbing it on your skin, it will work as a moisturizer.

Toothpaste:  for the natural antibacterial properties, it works as an alternative to toothpaste.

Eye  makeup remover: used to remove makeup from the eyes, just by placing a little on a cotton ball, it will efficiently remove the makeup. To learn more beauty tips for your face, click here.

Hair serum:  it works wonders on the hair, the natural proteins help to strengthen, “Niucoco” combines coconut oil with vitamin E and other super efficient and natural ingredients to act as serum in the hair and revitalize it completely.

Hair conditioner:  “Niucoco” also work in a hair serum to create a natural hair conditioner, leaving it smooth and silky.

Lip balm:  excellent for chapped lips, as it is a natural moisturizer, moisturizes the lips equally to soften them and remove the dryness and cracking of them.

Sunscreen:  coconut oil with other ingredients acts as a natural ingredient to create a sunscreen, safe parabens and other toxins.

Deodorant:  full of toxins and aluminum, has been linked to increased risks to cancer, so, replace them with coconut oil with shea butter and tea tree oil, will help you create your own natural deodorant.

B ARRA lotion:  if you use beeswax with some essential oils, will be ideal for dry and scaly skin, also will provide your skin an excellent aroma.

Stretch cream:  although there is nothing wrong with stretch marks, there are people who feel bad about it, if you are one of these, coconut oil will be your best ally, this cream will help to stretch

Massage oil:  not only is it excellent as a moisturizer but also for massaging, just by mixing ¼ coconut oil with 30 drops of essential oil, you will obtain an essential oil to give relaxing massages.

Body exfoliation:  mix ½ cup of organic raw sugar with ½ cup of coconut oil and add some essential oils of your choice, use 1 tablespoon as you need to shower and then rinse with plenty of water to observe the soft and silky skin.

Antidandruff treatment: “Niucoco” has created an excellent shampoo with coconut oil, green tea and a handful of different beneficial ingredients for hair, the results are: voluptuousness and hydration.

Shaving lotion:  when you finish shaving, use coconut oil to keep your skin nice and hydrated.

For varicose veins: when used topically, coconut oil works as a reducer in the appearance of varicose veins.

Cracked heels:  a balm is created with coconut oil, magnesium flakes and essential oils and others, to protect and heal against cracked heels. Learn more natural recipes to avoid cracked feet, here.

Cream for acne:  can be used topically to treat acne naturally, you should only apply directly on the affected area or apply a mask on the face for 20 minutes the following mixture: 5 tablespoons of aloe vera juice, 2 tablespoons of raw honey and 2 coconut oil.

Make-up cleaner-brush:  you can clean the makeup brushes with antibacterial soap and a little coconut oil, if you do it as a ritual, your brushes will keep super clean.

Relief of itching:  works as a soothing burner, bites and rashes with a good layer of coconut oil.

Night cream:  if you apply the coconut oil on your face during the night, you will get maximum hydrating benefits, the antioxidants that are excellent for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles when sleeping.

Lip  scrub : mix some raw sugar with coconut oil and rub gently on your lips to soften them.

Exfoliating feet:  use coconut oil with magnesium before bed to relieve sex feet, just mix 1 cup of salt and 2 coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil of mint, you can enjoy this benefit.

Clay soap and facial coal:  mix coconut oil, clay and coal to obtain an effective soap to gently clean the skin of the face, remove impurities and toxins.

Teeth whitening:  with rubbing coconut oil anywhere for 5 to 20 minutes, it will be effective for this purpose.


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