Do you want to completely rejuvenate your face? Learn how to prepare this gel.

If we combine these two ingredients we can prepare a rejuvenating mask and make it not look dull and tired. The silica contained in the cucumber helps the skin become elastic, thus slowing premature aging and wrinkles, on the other hand aloe, deeply moisturizes it, making it fresh and radiant, dare to combine these ingredients and get ready to rejuvenate a few years.



A stalk of aloe vera

One capsule of vitamin E

A cucumber

A quarter of a cup of water.


Wash aloe vera and remove all the iodine, leave only the crystals, then take the cucumber and remove all the seeds but leave it with the skin. Blend the aloe with the cucumber for a minute, until all the ingredients have dissolved, finally add the capsule of vitamin E, use this mask every night for an hour and remove it with plenty of warm water, do it three times a week, this balances the pH of your skin in a few weeks.

Other recipes

There are many recipes that help us to whiten the skin, another of them is to mix lemon juice with yogurt or ground turmeric with chickpea flour.

The only thing we have to do is rub on the skin and leave it on for 10 or 20 minutes. The banana and honey mask also works as a lightening and thoroughly cleans it by removing the impurities, we only have to leave it until it dries and remove it with water tibia.

You can also mix the egg white with lemon, heat this mixture over low heat and refrigerate it in a glass cup, when it is cool leave it on the face for an hour.

In all the preparations or almost all the lemon is the protagonist, so you must take care of the sun while you are in treatment and if you have acne do not use them, remember to moisturize it since the lemon tends to dry the skin.

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