Do you want to get rid of lice in the easiest and fastest way possible? This is how you can do it

The  ftirápteros , more known as lice, are small insects that adhere to the hair and feed on blood extracted from the scalp. They are extremely annoying, contagious and quite difficult to eliminate.

In general, children are more likely to have lice and usually catch them at school, since by playing with other children, they make it easier for them to spread. However, adults can also suffer them.

Although it is very difficult and frustrating to get rid of them, they are not dangerous. They usually cause irritation of the scalp, but do not spread any disease. Even so, if you try to eliminate them from your hair or your children’s hair and it is costing you too much, do not keep looking for the solution, you have it in front of your eyes.

This is the best  home remedy  to get rid of lice!

You will only need:


Shower cap

White vinegar

Lice comb


These are the steps you must follow:

Wash your head or your child’s head with mouthwash. Cover the hair with a bathing cap and let it act for an hour. Once the time has passed, wash the hair with white vinegar and cover it again with the shower cap for another hour. Then wash it with the shampoo you normally use and comb it with a lice comb.

The mouthwash has such a strong odor that it will keep the lice away from the hair, in addition, the vinegar removes all the nits that are attached to the hair.

If you want to get rid of lice once and for all, we strongly recommend you try it. You’ll be a few hours in the bathroom, but it will be worth it when you see the results. Also, I am sure that all the ingredients you have at home, so you will not have to spend even one euro.