Each finger is connected with 2 organs: Japanese method of healing


Today we will teach you a Japanese method that will help you improve many diseases in the body. This all method is about the fingers since each fingers is connected with 2 organs.

So if as of today you will not spend more money on other types of methods. The steps of this finger methods is very easy and also work safely.

Next we will leave you the steps that you must follow. Do not hesitate to follow the steps of this Japanese method. You will be surprised with the results.


During the exercise, try to relax and concentrate on the problems you have. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Take a finger from the opposite hand and press using the whole fist.

Hold this position for about two minutes. You will feel the fingers pulsating, but it is normal.

Breathe deeply and slowly, as if you were meditating.

To exercise your entire body, treat each finger with your fist and hold the pressure for about 3 minutes.


The organs: the stomach and the spleen.

Emotion: Anxiety, depression, worry.

Physical symptoms: stomach pain, skin problems, headaches, nervousness.

Index finger:

The organs: the kidneys and the bladder.

Emotions: frustration, fear, mental burden.

Physical symptoms: Joint pain, muscle and back pain, toothache and gum problems, indigestion, addictions (to pills, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.).

Middle finger:

Organs: liver and bile

Emotions: Indecision, resentment and anger, irritability.

Physical symptoms: circulatory problems, menstrual cramps, eye and vision problems, fatigue, headaches and migraines.

Ring finger:

The organs: the lungs and the colon.

Emotions: Negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, pain.

Physical symptoms: Indigestion, ringing in the ears, breathing problems such as asthma, and deep changes in the skin.


The organs: the heart and the small intestine.

Emotions: Uncertainty, anxiety, a feeling of inferiority.

Physical symptoms: problems with pressure, heart problems, sore throat, flatulence, bone problems and nervous system.


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