Eliminate ticks and fleas from your home and your pets with these effective remedies

The animals that live inside our home are exposed to fleas and ticks. Having pets at home brings as a consequence those unwanted visitors that not only affect our dog or cat, but also us.

In addition, they can cause diseases in animals and people so you must extinguish them completely and forever.

Home remedies to eliminate ticks:

The places where we can find ticks in our pet are: behind the ears, around the anus or in the neck, every time your pet returns from the outside you should check it very well, since these insects reproduce very quickly .

Alcohol and oil: mixes two parts of alcohol (antiseptic) and a part of oil, soaks a cloth and passes several times on the tick until it comes off.

Citrus: boil water with a citrus (lemon, grapefruit) and apply it on the animal with a poker. Use a healing cream if the tick leaves a wound on your pet.

Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar is very good for exterminating ticks. Mix in equal parts vinegar and water, wet a cotton or clean cloth, drain well and moisten the skin of your pet. You can do it as last rinse after the bath.

Remedies to eliminate fleas:

Infusion of pennyroyal: To eliminate them, make an infusion of pennyroyal and with a sprinkler, spread over your pet. Also prevent them from coming back if you add yeast or garlic to the preparation, the smell will do the rest.

Alcohol and detergent: mix ¼ cup alcohol with six drops of detergent, this shampoo can help you in large quantities. Bathe your pet with this shampoo.

Garlic and lavender: you can add to the infusion of pennyroyal a little garlic and lavedura you will avoid that the fleas return.

Another one of the ailments that parasites and insects can cause in pets is hurting the pads of the legs. The home remedies to protect this part of the body are:

Calendula creams: the same ones that we use for people serve as a cicatrizing and strengthening of the skin of the legs.

Aloe vera: in gel or cream to maintain moisture and prevent some parasites from getting caught between the nails.

Centella asiatica or lavender oil: serve to protect the skin.

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