Finish belly fat with this easy-to-prepare homemade liposuction

Today you will learn step by step how to do a homemade liposuction. This recipe will eliminate localized belly fat with few applications. And best of all, spending very little!

Having the perfect body and good health is the dream of women, but due to the haste of day to day, they often end up not paying special attention to the body, which ends up affecting self-esteem.

If you need to lose belly, you want a reducer of measures that is simple and effective, but at the same time you do not want to waste time or money, do not worry. We will show you how to make a lipo at home that really works.

And do you know why this homemade lipo recipe works?

This recipe contains substances that activate blood circulation in place, accelerating the process of burning fat. It also favors the elimination of toxins, in addition to promoting cellular renewal and nutrition in the place.

This massage promotes the movement of adipose tissue, which contributes to the breakdown of fat. This fat becomes a foreign body, being eliminated for outside the organism at the moment.

With each massage the abdominal fat is reduced.

Recipe for home liposuction:

– 100ml of coconut oil;

– 2 tablets of camphor (sold in pharmacies)


It is important to do an allergy test before continuing with the recipe. Mix the ingredients well until the tablet dissolves completely. The mixture needs to be homogeneous.

Let stand in a glass with amber (dark) lid for 8 hours. After this process, apply a small amount in the determined place doing massages from top to bottom and on the sides from the outside to the inside, pushing the fat down the abdomen.

These massages need to be quick and strong, but always careful not to hurt yourself. Then wrap the area with plastic wrap and let the recipe act for another 50 minutes. Then, rinse the place thoroughly. To get the best results, do this massage at least every other day.

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