Home remedies for ant bites

Ant bites can be very distressing and more worrisome than pain, which lasts a few seconds.

But itching can become uncontrollable and difficult to treat. Apart from that, many times you also have to deal with swelling all over the skin due to the action of histamines and this can be very irritating if you are outside, or you have to attend an event, so we will show you how these home remedies can help you to relieve ant bites, in a few minutes.

All of them are homemade, so you can choose the one that suits you best and heal from that ant sting in a very short time.

Remedies for ant bites

Ice to reduce itching

An ice cube is one of the fastest ways to prevent inflammation of the skin’s surface. The action of histamines is what causes the swelling, in this case, the application of ice blocks inflammation and itching. To get it you must take an ice cube and apply it in the place of the bite. This will act as a natural remedy to inhibit histamine and nullify itching and pain as well.

Vinegar for bites

Vinegar is a natural antibacterial and helps in preventing any action of bacteria on the surface of the skin, something that usually occurs with the bites of ants, where the area is usually stripped due to scratching with the nails. Apply vinegar instantly and this will also help control the itching and also in preventing you from scratching in the area.

Toothpaste to numb the area

Toothpaste has a cooling effect on the skin due to the presence of mint or menthol present in most brands of toothpastes. The application of toothpaste in the area will numb the itching and pain and also help you prevent swelling, since the action of histamine is placated when the toothpaste is applied to the skin. Peppermint toothpaste helps soothe itchy skin.

Baking soda

Apply bicarbonate paste with lemon in the area can be a great relief for ant bites, another alternative solution can also be the application of clay in the area.


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