Homemade mask to lighten the skin of your face

Once the summer season passes, we often want to make a little love to our skin. Especially our skin, deserves a good care. When exposed to the sun and the environment, the skin of our face can lose its freshness, and it is even possible that some spots begin to appear. Today we will teach you how to prepare and apply a fabulous whitening mask that will help you recover the freshness of your complexion.

Although there are many products on the market that offer clarify and unify the tone of your skin, many of these products are very expensive for most people. Therefore, we present a natural, affordable and affordable option to care for the skin of your face. Continue reading to enjoy the benefits of this whitening mask.

Whitening homemade mask 100% natural and effective

The whitening mask whose recipe we will present, has been used by a large number of people. Those who have tried it, attest to its excellent results. When you start using this oatmeal mask, you can not stop recommending it.

Ingredients to prepare the natural whitening mask

Actually, the three ingredients we need to prepare this wonderful whitening mask are known for their clearing effect and for sure, you will have them in your kitchen. Otherwise, you will only need a little time and patience. You will need to:

A lemon


Oat flakes

Preparation Mode

Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with one tablespoon of liquid milk and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Stir all the ingredients well to obtain a homogeneous paste. If the consistency is very thick you can add a few more greases of milk until a creamy mixture is achieved.

Application mode

Before applying the mask, wash your face and neck very well with water and your common use soap. Then, place the mask on your face, without forgetting your neck, with small taps. Massage gently and let it act for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water and finally, close the pores with cold water.

You can apply this mask once a week if your skin is dry; If your skin tends to be oily, you can use it twice a week. The results will be evident little by little, for this reason, the constancy is important. The difference you can notice, not only in the color of your skin, but also in its luminosity and softness.

We advise you to apply this mask during the night, since the lemon when exposed to the sun can cause some stains. You can also improve the results, making an exfoliation before applying the mask. If you can afford it, you can find on the market certain products that are depigmenting and that can help you achieve the skin tone you want.

After a month of applying the mask, you will see how your skin has lightened significantly. We hope that this post can help you get the skin you want. If you liked it, do not hesitate to share it with your friends through the networks and comment on how it was.