Homemade method to achieve perfect and soft feet

Our feet is one of our most used parts, whether to walk, run, do any kind of sport. and this is usually damaged in a way of any kind of diseases. for example, cracked feet, calluses and fungi.

Many times we ourselves damage our feet by wearing tight shoes, wet socks, and that is when our feet can be damaged from all kinds of illness.

If your feet suffer with fungi, cracks, calluses, among others. Do not hesitate to prepare today this powerful homemade method that will help you eliminate all kinds of problems on your feet.

For this method to work perfectly, please do not invest extra ingredients at the time of preparation. try it and you will be surprised to see the results.


Ingredients needed:

Three large spoons of baking powder.

Four cups of milk

Preparation method:

What you should do is put the milk in a pot and put it to heat. When it is a little hot, pass the milk to a large container that fits your feet.

Add the three tablespoons of baking powder in that container. Mix both things very well.


Mode of use:

Make sure the milk is not too hot. Then, just get comfortable and dip your feet in the mix for about ten or fifteen minutes.

Subsequently, it washes and dries very well.

Repeat this procedure every day and in a very short time you will notice your most beautiful and healthy.

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