Homemade Purgative To Go Soft To The Bath Every Day And Bounce All The Waste Without Any Effort EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!

When you can not go to the bathroom normally, it is known to suffer constipation, being a bit dangerous to the body.

I want to share with you this homemade purgative, so that you can treat constipation, without having to suffer severe damages.

You want to know more? Stay until the end so you can discover all the details of this practical remedy.

Purgante Home To Go To Bath With Total Normality.

There is no doubt that when we can not go to the bathroom, small problems can be generated with our digestion.

When we talk about constipation, we refer to having problems to go to the bathroom, even, you can spend more than 4 days without wanting to evacuate.

Maybe, you may be thinking that it would not be such a serious problem, but let me tell you that it is.

Expel feces, it is very necessary to be able to remove all the waste from the body.

When you can not go to the bathroom, that is to say, you have problems to evacuate the stool, different damages can be created, among them, strong abdominal pains.

In the same way, there is a chance that your body fat may increase, feeling a strong sense of heaviness.

There is good news.

There is a home solution that is able to help you to go to the bathroom very easily.

It consists of completely natural ingredients, which does not have any side effects.

What is this solution about?

This solution is a completely natural syrup based on plums. The plums, are very good to optimize the movement of the intestine.

This brings as a consequence, that the hard and dry feces of the belly can be rid of, in a simple way.

We will know how we should prepare it and what we need.

For this syrup, we will need the following.

10 Prunes

1 lemon juice

100 milliliters of water.

A jug with a lid.

Steps for its preparation.

Step 1.  To start, you must add all the ingredients mentioned in a blender. After. You are going to mix it until you can integrate very well.

Step 2.  Once the mixture is made, you should put it in the jar with a lid so that you can take it to the refrigerator, so that it rests for a whole night.

How should I take this syrup?

For punctual constipation.

So that this syrup can give you all its properties, you should take three tablespoons in the morning.

Then, you will again take three tablespoons at lunch and finish with two tablespoons at night.

If you have many days without going to the bathroom, that is, more than 4 days, do the following.

You have to add a spoonful more in each meal, that is, in the morning (breakfast) you have to take 4 tablespoons of the syrup.

At lunch, you will consume the same spoonfuls and at dinner, there should only be three tablespoons of this syrup.

Note:  This syrup can be taken with your meal, with the respective amounts mentioned above.

What else does this syrup do?

It is a syrup that helps optimize the intestinal flora. On the other hand, one of its benefits is that it provides a good source of energy, it also avoids the retention of liquid.