How to increase the gluteus quickly WITHOUT SURGERY with NIVEA cream

Do you want to increase your buttocks and do not have money surgery? Do not worry, today we will share this homemade method that will help you get firm buttocks quickly and safely.

Many women in this world do not settle for their buttocks and decide to undergo plastic surgeries to increase their glutes. but many times those types of methods are not safe.

If you want to have perfect buttocks do not hesitate to follow the steps that we will leave you next. This homemade method is based on the cream nivea. Surely you did not know the wonders that this cream can make on your body.


In the morning apply a layer of NIVEA cream on your buttocks, apply with circular massage until the cream disappears.

At night prepare this mixture: in equal parts add omega 3 oil, vitamin E oil and wheat germ. The proportion goes according to the size of your glutes.

Apply the mixture in the same way as the NIVEA cream, with circular massage until the mixture is absorbed by your skin.

Then put on a boxer or panties rea-signers that lift your buttocks and let me act throughout the night.

The next morning rinse and repeat the process of the NIVEA cream.

You must repeat this treatment daily for at least 3 weeks. You will be surprised to see the results.

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