I put a glass of granulated salt with vinegar at home and what happened restored harmony to my home


The beliefs of people vary too much, there are those who do not believe in the paranormal and those who believe, each belief must be respected because if it does not come to the discussion.

What is your position is that positive and negative energies exist, which interfere in our daily life in many ways that we can not even imagine.

The accumulation of negative energy can occur in our home and this can affect the harmony that is in it, so we are going to recommend a remedy for you to put at home and away all those bad energies there.

How to eliminate negative energy in your home

For many years salt has been used for spiritual purposes. It is said that it can scare away the bad vibes and evil spirits around us. Something similar can be said about vinegar, a very useful substance in our kitchen. However, next, we will teach you how to use these 2 ingredients to clean your home spiritually.

This is what we need:

Transparent glass cup (1 unit).

White vinegar (1 bottle).

Salt in whole or in grains.


Preparation method:

To start, pour some vinegar, salt and water into the glass cup. Then, you must place the glass in the place where you spend more time at home. We will leave the glass in that place for about 24 hours. exhausted that time, we will stop to check the glass. If the salt rose and overflowed, you should clean the glass with enough water and repeat the process. You will be doing this until the salt stops rising.

When the salt stops rising, it means that you have removed all the negative energy from your house. Something you should keep in mind is that, the glass should be in a place that is not visible. Otherwise, it will have no effect. You can also do this ritual in different parts of your house, if you consider it necessary.

Test this method and check for yourself the benefits you will receive after applying it.

Note: As we mentioned at the beginning, there will be those who do not believe in this type of methods to ward off negative energies, but give yourself the opportunity to try this method and see the results.


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