Incredible trick so that the paint lasts longer in your nails

Have you ever wondered how to make nail painting last longer? Surely you already resort to glaze glazes that serve to prolong the duration of the painting but there is also a very well kept secret that is very effective when it comes to extending the life time of the enamels on the nails.

It is the application of an ingredient that we all have in our homes: vinegar. You want to know more? Well then continue reading because in this article we will teach you everything.

The recipe made with vinegar that we will teach you how to prepare in this article will guarantee that your nails remain painted for a longer time thanks to the disinfectant effect of the vinegar that serves to eliminate any remaining dirt.

In addition, the vinegar serves to make your nails remain bright and strong. So with this incredible trick you’ll be able to show some amazing hands for a longer time, even if you do housework with water and cleaning products. What are you waiting to try it?


First you must wet a cotton ball with white vinegar

Then, pass the cotton on the surface of your nails carefully and press hard on each one so that the liquid is absorbed better

Wait for it to dry and repeat the procedure mentioned

Finally, paint without rinsing the vinegar. Wait for it to dry and repaint

Then it ends up applying a layer of glitter enamel. Simple, is not it?

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This trick is very effective because the vinegar removes waste from your nails while allowing the enamel to adhere better to the surface. This will allow the manicure to last you longer. Try it and you will be surprised.



  • Keep in mind that in order for nails to last longer, you should apply a thin layer of paint because if it is thick it is more prone to coming off with rubbing.
  • Before painting, roll the enamel by your hands so that its content becomes fluid but be careful not to shake it because this generates bubbles to form inside it.
  • Once you have painted and the polish has dried, soak your hands in a bowl of water to allow better hydration.
  • When you have finished painting your nails take care not to stay in contact with the heat because this deteriorates the paint.
  • Store the enamel in cool places like the fridge to prevent its contents from hardening.
  • Hydrate your hands every day with moisturizer.
  • You can apply a thin layer of enamel every day so that the paint lasts a lot longer.
  • If your nails are brittle, perform a treatment applying a layer of strengthening before passing the paint.

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