It is very likely that you have heard the name of this oil and surely have ever used a product that has it in your hair, but do you know the benefits of argan oil on the skin?

Argan oil is extracted from the argan fruit, a species similar to almond that grows almost exclusively in Morocco. Since the Berber tribes crossed the desert for the first time, this fruit has been highly valued. Its taste is much appreciated but Argan is best known for its hair properties. Discover its benefits in this post! But did you know that it also has great properties for the skin?

Benefits of argan oil


The liquid extracted from the fruit of argan has one of the highest concentrations of  vitamin E . This vitamin has a great antioxidant power, which protects the skin from free radicals and cellular oxidation, thus fighting against aging.


This ingredient has an emollient action, what does this mean? So that it softens the cracked skin and moisturizes even  the most dry skin .

Balances sebum

This golden liquid does not generate comedones, so even the most oily or acne-prone skin can use them. Besides  not greasing , thanks to its high concentration in oleic acid, regulates the sebum of the skin.


The argan juice is used as a remedy against the appearance of granites thanks to the fact that it  does not clog the pores . In addition, its linoleic acid content favors cell renewal. The result? A healthy, rejuvenated and fresh skin.

How is argan oil produced?

For argan cultivation, very specific climatic conditions are required. That is why they are found, almost exclusively, in  Morocco  where the temperature and humidity are perfect for this species. In addition, this tree, which lives up to 200 years, allows to improve the desert areas and enrich the land due to its great capacity to adapt to the land, even resisting the drought.

Argan harvesting takes place in the summer months, when the fruit is ripe. The Argan oil that Garnier employs is produced in the Moroccan region of Agadir. There, we collaborated with  the Tamaynoute cooperative  to support the work of 560 women, guaranteeing them an equitable salary to improve their quality of life and facilitate their independence. These women follow the tradition of collecting argan and are responsible for drying the fruits extract the pepa.

Inside the seed are some grains that, pressed with a stone manually, release the desired golden liquid. The Tamaynoute cooperative meets all the requirements that exist to consider argan  an ecological ingredient . In addition, the artisanal process that follows ensures that the argan oil is of the highest quality.

How to know if argan oil is organic?

If you want to make sure that the product you buy is organic and includes natural ingredients, you should look for  the ECOCERT certificate . In addition to ensuring that your provenance is ecological, you will have the assurance that your production has had the minimum possible environmental impact.

Using argan oil on your skin, you will quickly see its moisturizing and purifying benefits. Once you integrate it into your daily skin care routine, you will feel the change, either in your skin or in your hair.

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