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For anyone it is a secret that to maintain an impeccable home should be cleaned frequently, although there are areas where cleaning should be daily, as is the case of the bathroom.

The bathroom is a place where you should clean daily so as not to get some kind of disease.

The bathroom curtain is probably something very ugly for a lot, since combating mold is very complicated, despite using a large number of products. Therefore, in this article we will help you eliminate the mold of your bathroom curtain.

How to remove mold from the bathroom curtain

You are a person who has always suffered with the cleaning of the curtain because it is full of mold, now we will let you know a method with which you will not suffer anymore and will be completely clean.

Steps to follow:

To start, take a little soda, a brush and your cleaning utensils.

In a large bowl, add 5 liters of water, 1 tablespoon of washing powder and 100 ml of vinegar. Leave the curtain soaking for 2 hours.

After this procedure, rinse well with running water. If there is any trace of the fungus, you can remove it with the help of a clean brush.

Note: To prevent mold from re-installing in the curtain, ventilate it constantly, so that it stays dry and clean.

Tips to keep a clean bathroom

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, whether large or small, only have the bathroom accessories you require daily.

Get rid of empty bottles of shampoo, cream, old toothpaste, without thinking that one day you might use it. All they do is occupy space and complicate cleaning tasks.

Clean the toilet after each use. Help with the brush to help remove debris after pulling the chain.

Store a spray bottle with a disinfectant cleaner in the sink, along with some rags or a roll of toilet paper. If you want to be more thrifty, vinegar and water are also a good cleaning solution. With this solution, clean the toilet seat, under the seat and also around the toilet bowl.

Spray the cleaning solution in the sink too, and swipe a paper towel quickly, so you will not allow dirt to accumulate, and the sink will also be free of splashes.

Do not allow soap scum to accumulate in the shower area. After a bath, wash the walls and faucet with warm water. Once you have removed the soap residue, rub the floor and walls of the bathtub with a soft cloth. By the way, liquid soap or bath gel leave less residue than traditional soap.….png?resize=574%2C258&ssl=1

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