My mother put garlic in the milk and gave us before going to sleep, what happens when she wakes up is incredible!

Sciatica is pain reflected in the back that can also be reflected in one of the legs or produce pressure on the sciatic nerve.

This problem is due to some degenerative changes and premature aging of the discs between the vertebrae, but it can also appear due to an inadequate position to sit or walk, wear inappropriate shoes, stretch muscles, lift something heavy or overweight.

Sciatic pain appears due to a damaged disc and nerve inflammation. One of the most common symptoms is stiffness in the low back region of the spine that appears mainly after some kind of effort, bending or lifting something heavy.

The pain goes from the lower part of the back down, through the hip and thighs, the back of the joints and finally to the heel and can be strong, permanent or temporary. Stiffness can occur with every physical tension, cough and sneeze, while a larger part of the leg becomes supine and causes elongation of the sciatic nerve along with pain.

This remedy has already proven to be very effective for many people who have used it.

Garlic in milk for sciatic pain


4 cloves of garlic

20 ml of milk


Try to pick good garlic cloves. Heat the milk to medium heat and then add the garlic cloves inside. Let it boil on low heat for a couple of minutes and sweeten it with a little honey.


Take 2 tablespoons of the remedy every day and you will soon notice that the pain will begin to disappear quickly!

This drink should be taken hot, preferably before going to bed. This drink will help you in cases of asthma, cough, pneumonia, lung deficiency, insomnia, jaundice, tuberculosis, digestive problems and impotence. You must take it before going to sleep.

The milk will be perfect for the medicinal properties of garlic, which is antibacterial, helps eliminate toxins and cleanses the vehicle’s respiratory system.