Potato peel The best way to get rid of gray hair! Here is how!

Although some women reveal that gray hair is attractive and a sign associated with the distinction, not all women have the feeling that we look good with them and seek methods to hide them.

However, achieving this particular objective requires the use of chemicals that damage the skin, dry the hair and are expensive.

If you are looking to solve this problem organically, this is really the right place for you. You can create an organic solution with the potato peel that can get rid of your gray hair without the risk of damaging your skin and hair.

You will only need 2 simple ingredients: Water as well as potato peels.

Potato peel and water to get rid of gray hair


200 grams of potato peel

1 liter of drinking water


Boil the water and then put the potato peels.

Cook for 5 minutes.

Turn it off and allow it to cool.

Once the fluid turns dark, everything is ready to use.


Clean your hair with your normal shampoo.

Drain as much water as you can and then place this solution of potato peels on evenly distributed hair.

Cover your hair with a towel and allow it to act for up to 1 hour.

Make a last wash.

This organic treatment will help you darken your hair slowly. It is very important to be consistent to get the anticipated results. Continue to make this home remedy as often as you can, since it does not damage the hair.

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