Put it on baldness and hair will grow from the first day, the solution is in your hands.

Stop suffering from hair loss, because nature has a very practical solution for you against this uncomfortable problem. Hair loss is an evil that is affecting millions of people , although, the most affected by this are men, women are horrified when they bathe and see how much hair they lose.

In the market you can get a wide variety and many cosmetic products that will help you solve this problem, but the truth is that they are very expensive, and the worst does not give the desired results in the time stipulated.

Sometimes when these topical treatments fail, people turn to hair implants, this is a very uncomfortable procedure, not only for the person, but also for your pocket.

But many do not know that  there are natural ingredients that help prevent hair loss and reactivate the hair follicles , which have stopped working and produce hair, in reality these natural treatments are very effective and also are not expensive, so you can make them without problems, and everything from the comfort of your home, without going through painful surgeries or chemical products that can cause side effects.


What are the causes of hair loss?

When there is not enough iron in the blood, the hair can start to fall. Women of menstrual age are more likely to have  low levels of iron in the blood even if they do not have anemia .

This deficiency could cause your hair to fall out. To remedy this problem, women should eat two servings of iron-rich foods daily, such as:  lean meat, dried fruit, tofu, broccoli.