Remove all the fat from your belly in 7 days with this recipe

One of the most difficult areas to eliminate fat is the abdomen area.

There, the greatest amount of fat is concentrated and disappearing requires a lot of discipline, since we have to start eating a balanced diet, stay well hydrated and do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. Of course, we can also help ourselves with other methods, although it is recommended that all of them be natural.

One of them is the one we recommend in this article, where you can apply it to the area and abdominal fat will disappear. You will only need camphor and oil to get it, so pay close attention to how you should prepare it to achieve it.

Homemade camphor and slimming oil remedy

Not only a thin waist is considered attractive today. It is also important that you keep the weight around the belly to a minimum for optimal health. Since the fat around the belly, or visceral fat, has been linked to heart disease in men and women.

Visceral fat is deeper inside the abdomen, which surrounds the internal organs. So this camphor and slimming oil home remedy will help you get rid of belly fat by coupling a good diet with a proper exercise routine.

This home remedy for camphor and slimming oil can help reduce belly fat and can help in eliminating toxins in the abdomen and skin tightening.


A tablet and a half of camphor

Half container of baby oil

Preparation method:

Start by crushing the tablet and half camphor. Then, place in the baby oil container and stir or mix until completely combined. Let stand 2 days and stir again.

Method of use:

Wash the area where you are going to apply to the mixture. Then, apply the mixture in a massage type movement, a circular movement works very well, perform this movement for 2 minutes. You can apply this mixture in the stomach at night, but keep in mind that the smell is very strong but disappears after a few hours.

Note:  It should be noted that this recipe is not miraculous, although it helps reduce fat, if you do not eat a balanced diet it will be more difficult to eliminate all abdominal fat.

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