Sports Research Keto+ Plus – Reviews, Ingredients & Effects!

Sports Research Keto+ Plus is made in United States of America from all-natural ingredients and is intended to help with a diet. The remedy is composed of morning and evening capsules. Of Sports Research Keto+ Plus 1, two are taken in the morning before breakfast. These provide the body with extra energy and prevent food cravings as with another diet. In the evening, two pieces are taken from the bottle marked “2”. These also suppress cravings and boost fat burning and metabolism, speeding weight loss and supporting the diet. You will see, the diet product makes weight loss very easy.

Sports Research Keto+ Plus – A Diet Product Popular with Customers

The remedy consists of an optimal combination of natural ingredients without chemical additives that allow you to lose weight without feeling hungry. While other diet supplements have a stimulating effect and you cannot sleep at night, this remedy is very suitable for everyday use. They only take two capsules in the mornings and evenings and eat a normal meal at noon.

Sports Research Keto+ Plus is the test winner on many websites comparing dietary supplements. In customer reviews, customers express more and more their satisfaction with the product and its effect. It supports muscle building, fat burning, boosts metabolism and reduces food cravings that occur in almost every diet. Especially the intake in the evening boosts the metabolism and helps to lose weight. One kilo of weight is already gone after a short time and so the weight is reduced kilo by kilo. No other diet is so effortlessly effective and no other diet makes weight loss so quick and easy.

When buying the natural product, the manufacturer provides valuable nutrition tips and good advice for the diet. The capsules are delivered in two bottles of 60 pieces, which are sufficient for one month. In case of non-satisfaction or lack of the promised effect, the manufacturer offers a 14-day money back guarantee. You, as a customer, can thus shop risk-free.

Application of Sports Research Keto+ Plus

Sports Research Keto+ Plus comes in two different bottles. One bottle, labeled “1”, contains 60 morning release capsules and 2 “60” dinner bottle. In the morning and in the evening, you take two capsules each. You should take a lot of fluids. After a short time you will notice that losing weight with the average kilo for kilos disappears. The remedy is an extremely easy way to diet. The feeling of fullness that you get from the remedy does not even make you feel like you’re on a diet.

Ingredients of Sports Research Keto+ Plus

The morning capsules (bottle marked “1”) have the following natural ingredients:

Nutrition-specific substances for two pieces:

  • Green tea extract 300 mg, of which polyphenols 150 mg
  • Green coffee extract 300 mg, of which chlorogenic acid 150 mg
  • Olive leaf extract 300 mg, thereof oleuropein 60 mg
  • Caffeine 120 mg
  • Mangosteen extract 100 mg, of which mangostin 20 mg

Ingredients:  21.4% Green Tea Extract 8: 1 (thereof 50% polyphenols), 21.4% Green Coffee Extract 12: 1 (of which 50% Chlorogenic Acid), 21.4% Olive Leaf Extract 8: 1 (of which 20% oleuropein), coating agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, 8.6% caffeine, 7.1% mangosteen extract (thereof 20% mangostin), filler: microcrystalline cellulose

Because the morning capsules contain caffeine, they are not recommended for children and pregnant women or women during lactation.

The 60 capsules weigh 42 grams. It is recommended to take two capsules daily with plenty of fluid daily in the morning.

The evening capsules (bottle marked “2”) have the following natural ingredients:

Nutrition-specific substances for two pieces:

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) 2000 mg

Ingredients:  74.5% safflower oil (contains 80% conjugated linoleic acid) Capsule shell (coating agent: gelatin (bovine), humectant: glycerin (from palm oil))

The 60 capsules weigh 80.4 grams. Every day, in the evening, you should take two capsules with plenty of fluids.

During pregnancy and during breast-feeding, a doctor should be consulted before taking any weight-loss capsules.

Keep the product out of the reach of small children. It should be protected from heat, protected from light and dry. The box should always be closed well. The indicated amount of consumption on the day must not be exceeded.

Effect of the Ingredients of Sports Research Keto+ Plus

The green coffee beans have a high chlorogenic acid content, which has a weight-reducing effect. Olive leaves lower high blood pressure and improve blood lipid levels. In addition, you slow down the aging process. The green tea leaves support fat burning. They ensure that carbohydrates are released more slowly. Mangosteen contains plenty of vitamins. They also contain antioxidants that accelerate fat burning. The caffeine increases the metabolism and reduces tiredness. Overall, the active ingredients help you lose weight in no time.

The CLA – safflower oil with its special omega-6-fatty acid helps to accelerate the fat metabolism and thus the weight loss.

Who can take Sports Research Keto+ Plus?

The product has no special side effects. Only inadequate hydration may cause blockage. Therefore, the agent is suitable for anyone who has problems with losing weight. Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers  should not take the medicine.

Experience with Sports Research Keto+ Plus

Sports Research Keto+ Plus is a relatively new compound and has a unique composition. Therefore, there are no empirical values ​​covering a long period of time. The users who have been using the natural remedy for some time are in most cases enthusiastic. They state that fast fat burning and metabolism take place during normal diet and they decrease rapidly. They speak of a lot of energy during the day and relaxed sleep. They claim to no longer feel hungry. Sports Research Keto+ Plus can be well integrated into the normal everyday life, since only two capsules are taken in the morning and in the evening. These let the cravings and consequently the kilos disappear.

Purchase and Costs of Sports Research Keto+ Plus

Sports Research Keto+ Plus can be purchased on the company website. A monthly pack, consisting of 60 morning capsules and 60 evening capsules are available for $49.99. When ordering a stock for three months, the monthly price is reduced to 33.00 Euro and with a six month supply to 29.99 Euro.


  • Slimming in a natural way
  • Support of metabolism and lipid metabolism
  • More energy for the day and relaxation for the night
  • Fast and permanent weight loss


Dietary supplements can only help you lose weight, but are not a substitute for a healthy diet and lots of exercise!


Although the contraceptive Sports Research Keto+ Plus is still relatively new to the market, it has convinced the customers. The product is based on natural products that boost metabolism and fat metabolism, enabling healthy and lasting weight loss, even without much exercise. The remedy can only be recommended

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