The 7 craziest diets in the world. You would never have imagined it!

There are a lot of diets that help us lose weight, many of them are very popular and everyone uses them.

But in this article we will introduce you to a series of craziest diets in the world that you would never have imagined, one of them consists, for example, of eating cookies. Would you have imagined it? If precisely it is one of the things that they then forbid.

So if you are looking for a new way to lose weight, here are some of these diets you should try.

Craziest diets in the world

1. Cabbage soup

A diet where you have no quantity limit, but you can only eat one thing. Cabbage is low in calories and fat, and high in fiber and sodium. But as always happens with these lightning diets, you will lose weight quickly but you will recover with the same speed.

2. Baby food

We know what you are thinking. The baby porridge is delicious. But from there to replace your 5 meals with that food? In theory, you lose weight because it is easy to digest and low in preservatives. But there is a lot of skepticism around this idea.

3. Cookies and more cookies

Would you be willing to replace your meals with 6 cookies a day? This is what this replacement diet consists of, whose cookies are high in fiber and amino acids. However, you run the risk of gaining weight suddenly once you stop it. That should not be anything positive for your health.

4. Chew sooo slow

Chewing slowly makes sense because it ensures you feel full before it causes you to repeat. But according to this diet, each bite should be chewed up to 80 times until it is liquid, and the rest should be spit out. Is it worth losing one of the most exquisite pleasures in life, enjoying your food, for losing weight? Also, nobody will want to sit down to eat with you.

5. The blue lenses

Many times the market takes advantage of our insecurities to sell us nonsense, as in the case of a Japanese company asking for $ 20 for blue lenses that made the food “look less desirable.”

6. Grapefruits

According to this diet, you should consume grapefruit with light food without exceeding 800 calories a day for two weeks. However, this acidic fruit causes stomach and heartburn problems.

7. The lunar diet

Just as the moon affects the tides, it is supposed to affect our stomach fluids. It is proposed in this case to make an exclusively liquid diet for 26 hours on New Moon or Full Moon. But you will feel weak without eating anything solid and you will gain weight quickly.

Choose any of these diets and you will see that you will get results.

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