The healthiest drink in the world. cleans all toxins from your body

Today we will help you prepare a powerful drink that will help you cleanse the body of all toxins quickly and safely.

However, toxins accumulate in the waste of all the food we consume during the day. but with this remedy it will help you cleanse the organism.

This drink is based on whey, and its preparation is very easy. then we will help you prepare your home remedy. and we invite you to take advantage of its benefits. It is already rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Preparing homemade whey:

To prepare this impressive drink we will need the following

A quart or a liter of milk (use what you consider depending on the amount you are preparing)

2 Tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice

A pan

A colander

Paper towels

Natural flavorings

Preparation Mode:

The first thing is to put your milk to boil at low temperatures, always try to monitor it because the key is not to get too hot.

When you start to notice the first bubbles on the side of the pan, we are going to add the vinegar and the lemon juice, we proceed to stir everything very well.

Try not to form any curds or lumps, so you can add a touch of vinegar or extra lemon juice to go stirring.

Find your colander and cover it with paper towels, in order to separate the liquid from the lumps.

Take that liquid and store it in your fridge for a few minutes.

The next thing is to add the flavor we want, we strongly recommend using some natural or healthy as is cinnamon or honey, add to the taste and try it.

You can also put a little water if you like to drink more liquid.

Consumption Mode:

We recommend consuming about 5 ounces of this drink a day, where you will gradually increase the amount.

This drink improves your digestion, increases energy and helps you lose weight, all this while purifying the liver.

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