The healthiest vegetable in the world and we have completely forgotten about it

Thanks to our nature we obtain plants full of many beneficial properties to treat many diseases in our health, in general. Today we will talk about the benefits of watercress.

Watercress is not just a simple vegetable to incorporate into the diet, in fact watercress contains a large number of properties that bring many benefits to our health.

However, watercress contains lots of vitamins and minerals, is a powerful antioxidant and protects us against many diseases if we consume it frequently.

It is the reason that nutritionists recommend consuming this very healthy vegetable in the form of fresh juice, but never undiluted. As the vegetable is very strong, the consumption of pure watercress juice can lead to an inflammatory process in the throat and stomach, so the watercress juice should always be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 (juice of watercress and water, respectively). It is also important to know that the juice should not be consumed every day, but every other day instead.

Watercress juice does not only work wonders on the inside, but on the outside as well. In fact, the topical application of this juice can treat numerous skin problems, including skin blemishes and age spots, hair loss, among others.

The treatment is very simple – you should only rub the juice on the affected area or make a compress of watercress. A compress of crushed cress leaves is very beneficial to reduce the appearance of sun spots.

A number of studies in laboratory animals have found that watercress extract injected into the body inhibits cancer development and metastasis. Other studies have found that watercress reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevents the development of breast cancer.

Last but not least, watercress is highly recommended for heavy smokers due to its ability to neutralize the negative effects of tobacco.

How to make a BERROS compress?

Start by cutting the watercress leaves very well. Next, clean the affected area before applying the compress. You can use a little alcohol for this. Apply the chopped leaves and then cover with a clean gauze and secure with a bandage. Leave the compress a couple of hours or more. After removing the compress, wash the skin with cold water. Use this method to treat different skin problems.

Watercress salad:

Wash the leaves well. Then sprinkle the leaves with a little salt and vinegar and leave for an hour. Add a little chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and pepper. Make sure that you let the salad rest for 3 hours before eating it. This salad is the perfect complement to any meal.

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