These are the foods that make your hips fat

Women always look to look their best and are willing to do everything.

That is why having enviable hips is the most difficult job, but it is possible to avoid getting fat in a very simple way and for this you just have to avoid all the foods that we share in this article.

Of course, this is not enough, you should also start to have a healthy diet, as well as perform at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. In this way you can wear the spectacular body that you have always wanted.

Foods that make your hips fat

1. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

As indicated by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition of the German Institute of Human Nutrition, these types of fluids contribute to the accumulation of body fat in women, especially in the area of ​​the hips.

2. Ice cream or snow

While ice cream may seem like a craving without major inconveniences, this food is one of the main causes of fattening the hips, and does no good for fat stores. Between 5 and 15 grams of fat are stagnant in half a cup of cream ice cream. If you avoid it, you will have in your favor a healthy investment not only to prevent your hips from widening, but will also benefit your overall health.

3. Red and processed meats

Research from the  New England Journal of Medicine   found that consuming large amounts of processed red meat such as hamburgers and sausages, such as bacon and salami, are associated with weight gain. Reducing meat consumption means that calorie consumption is reduced, and that could help control weight. Choose another type of protein such as fish and chicken, and also vegetable-based protein such as legumes.

4. Processed juices

According to a study published by the University of California, they point out that if you consume this drink constantly (as many do today to save work) this can trigger obesity. Drinking these juices, which contain sucrose without fiber, is related to the metabolic syndrome, therefore this means accumulating fat in the hips, abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body making your figure is not as you prefer, but worse still , deteriorating health.

5. Commercial hamburgers

Why did this have to be on the list? Unfortunately, cheeseburgers carry a lot of saturated fat that can be a disaster for your health and for your hips. Made with white bread, with an unhealthy cheese and industrial red meat, it can be very harmful to health, especially if the consumption is done regularly. If you want to keep your abdomen, hips and thighs in better shape, and to improve health, avoiding these foods can be a great start.

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