These pills can destroy your health (Omeprazole)

As we know many pills are not safe for our health because of their high chemical ingredients, today we will talk about some pills that can harm your health, it is Omeprazole.

However it is highly recommended before consuming any type of pills, go see our doctor, since many people self-medicate and when it is normal to go see a doctor to avoid secondary consequences.

Then we will leave you so risky is the omeprazole to abuse its consumption. so before consuming these pills you invite to read their counter-indications of these pills.

Abusing this medication is highly risky for your health:

The first thing that needs to be clarified regarding omeprazole is the concept that it has. It has been believed, and is still believed, that omeprazole is a gastric protector, but it is not. This pill inhibits the normal digestion process

As it does?

Apparently, omeprazole atrophies the production of gastric acid in our body. We must remember that gastric acid is essential for the digestion of food because it is this that is responsible for eliminating the elements and undesirable components of our body.

What are the negative effects of this medication?

⦁ It can produce anemia, depression, neurological damage and anemia: A constant consumption of this medicine can decrease, considerably the levels of vitamin b12 in our body.

⦁ Decreased calcium:  It is believed that the consumption of this drug can affect the absorption of calcium in our body and, therefore, increase the risk of fractures and damage to our bones.

⦁ Respiratory affections: Lowering  the production of acid in our body increases the risk of bacteria and infections. These can be transferred to our lungs and cause havoc to the functioning of our respiratory system.

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