This bath cures your body of acidity, skin problems, arthritic joint pain and muscle cramps

A detox bath is something we need to use from time to time. Usually, it is made of Epsom salt that helps us remove any contaminants from our body, however, it is also abundant in several health benefits and is good for our overall health.

Today we are going to present an improved combination of bath: Epsom salt integrated with some Himalayan salt. When these two are integrated, they can help us in a selection of health problems. They cannot cause any side effects, they are not extremely expensive and are extremely effective.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a mineral compound discovered in water that consists of high levels of sulfate and magnesium. It looks like salt crystals, so that’s where the name salt comes from. But, be careful when you buy your salt, as it can be agricultural or food type, as well as for individual care.

Our skin is the largest cleaning organ. Along an Epsom salt bath, sulfate and mineral are integrated and remove all toxic substances through the skin. They are also taken through the skin and increase the levels of sulfate and magnesium in our body. There are countless research studies that have shown an increase in magnesium levels simply by lying in an Epsom salt bath. In addition, it does not cause any side effects!

Himalayan salt

It is believed that Himalayan salt is among the oldest, but also the purest and uncontaminated salts in the world. It gives our body many minerals that are essential for us. When you include it in your bathroom, it will seem that you are surrounded by energy. All minerals and salts from it will be absorbed by your skin and you will ingest them instantly.

Health benefits of salt bath

These types of salt are composed of several minerals, however, the salt bath combined with them offers the same advantages:

Increase blood flow

Accelerates the healing of swelling, small cuts, bruises, tense or torn muscles and ligaments

It decreases the level of acidity and helps to balance the pH levels in the body

It facilitates the signs of pre-menstruation (swelling, migraines, cramps).

Eliminates toxic substances through the skin.

It is full of really powerful antiseptic houses and can help you treat skin diseases such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin.

It improves respiratory health.

Soothes sunburn and pest bites.

Eliminates arthritic joint discomfort and muscle cramps.

Promotes better sleep, relaxes muscles and minimizes tension.

Purify, clean and nourish your body with important minerals.

How to use this super detox salt bath?

Dr. David Jockers states that the amount of salt must be established by the weight of the individual. Here are some quantities that should be used for a standard size bathtub. It needs to contain 25-30 gallons of water.


Epsom salt measurements:

Children under 60 pounds: 1/2 cup.

People between 60-100 pounds: 1 cup.

Individuals between 100-150 pounds: 1 1/2 cups.

People between 150-200 pounds: 2 cups.

For every 50 pounds more, add 1/2 extra cup of salts.

If you have not done this before, it is better that you start only with Epsom salt. Later you can also add some Himalayan salt.


Do not use this salt in case of burns, open lesions, cardiovascular problems or if you are pregnant. If you are taking some medications for a long time, talk to your doctor before starting this type of detoxification.

The first thing you should do is rub the tub so you can get rid of the dirt. Then, fill it with some warm water of about 37o Celsius (or 97o Fahrenheit). This will be enough to liquefy both types of salts. Make sure your water is not too hot, especially in case of problems with hypertension!

Do not add oils, shampoos or soaps. After using the salt bath do not wash! You can simply dry with a towel.

Before entering the tub, eat a lighter and healthier meal. It will prevent you from getting dizzy due to low sugar content or an empty stomach.

You need to be hydrated. Drink plenty of water before the procedure and after bathing. Consume a bottle of water while you bathe too! You can pay attention to some music to help you relax more.

Make sure you stay in it for a minimum of 40 minutes. Your body will have enough time to absorb minerals from salts effectively.

You may feel a little dizzy. Initially, drain the water and then get out of the tub gradually.

It could happen that the water in the bathtub has become really milky when finished with the bathroom. It depends on your health. That happens since toxic substances are removed from your body. When people work in business areas or are cigarette smokers, their water can even be brown.

The best use is 2-3 times a week, however, if you can’t handle it, do it at least once.

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