This drink prevents strokes, hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer’s

When we hear about the olive leaves, we immediately think about the importance that was given to them in ancient times: the crowns of olive leaves and the form they used to mummify the pharaohs of Egypt also included these beneficial leaves.

Getting these sheets is not an easy task. They are located mostly in the area of ​​Australia, the countries of the Mediterranean, Chile and Peru. However, lately they are being very demanded by the medicinal use that is being made of them.

Beyond being strictly decorative leaves, or just taking advantage of olive oil, it also has other benefits and qualities that are worthy of being recognized and that we all must take advantage of.

The multiple benefits of olive leaves

Strengthens our immune system

It helps us to protect ourselves from cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents deadly and severe diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s: this is due to its antibacterial properties and diseases such as HIV, candida, meningitis, shingles can also be listed here.

It keeps our blood pressure stable: it is very favorable to protect our heart, when it comes to reversing arteriosclerosis, it also protects our blood vessels and also reduces the risk of coronary occlusion.

From the nineteenth century, it began to be used as a strong defender of fevers and viruses, and later it would be used to fight malaria.

The easiest way to enjoy all the beneficial properties of olive leaves is through olive tea, it is the most usual way they used in the past centuries to be able to take advantage of the beneficial properties of this plant. How should you prepare it?

In a cup of boiling water you must add 6 olive leaves. Then you should let this infusion rest for at least 5 minutes and proceed to consume it.

Start enjoying each of the benefits for our health of these healthy and natural leaves. Also share this article so that all your friends and family begin to consume it. Do not forget to comment and leave us your impressions about it.

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