This is a recipe that will make your hair grow as “crazy”!

In the event that you are one of those who want to get a little volume and finally wear a shiny and enviable hair, we have the optimal recipe for you! Probably you were not yet aware that the red onion juice could help you in the prevention of hair loss, while avoiding the uncontrolled growth of gray hair and accelerating hair growth at its best.

It should be noted that the speed of hair growth will not only depend permanently on the genetics of each one, but also on other types of factors that can be both external and internal. There is a great amount of homemade ingredients capable of helping to allow optimal growth and whose recipes have been passed from generation to generation.

In a large number of scientific studies it has been shown that red onion could prevent hair loss in about 87% of the usual situations. You would surprise yourself by noticing how much your hair could grow in just one month.

Many dermatologists claim that there are no contraindications, neither on the skin nor on the scalp.

The secret of red onion

It is known that red onion is very rich in sulfur, which increases the production of natural collagen, key in the growth of hair. The onion juice is also ideal for proper circulation, reduce inflammation of the skin and provide antibacterial effects.

The recipe for recovering hair health using red onion

The method based on red onion, is said to be really effective and is usually used in Hollywood. This juice could make your hair look stronger, since it stimulates the opening of the follicles and prevents a possible infection. Those who have tried this method claim that the results after a month are amazing!


The ingredients are very easy to get, surely you already have them in your home, so you could start doing the treatment right now!

2-3 Onion Bulbs

One Tablespoon of Honey


Step by Step

In less than an hour you may have completed the treatment. You will see that all the steps are really simple and you will not need any strange utensils.

Place the onion bulbs in a bowl.

Squeeze the juice from the onions (or mix with a blender and then strain).

Add a spoonful of honey and mix.

Cover your head with the juice and allow it to act for at least 15 or 30 minutes.

The smell is very strong, but it’s worth it.

You can even keep the mask for an hour, if you’re not in a hurry.

After the treatment, thoroughly wash the hair with plenty of water as usual.

The treatment must be carried out at least 2 or 3 times per month.

The method is as simple as you have read. Now you can take full advantage of the benefits that the onion brings to your hair.

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