This is my secret recipe, I consumed it for breakfast for 30 days and burned all the fat in my body

Losing weight is something that is usually very difficult for people, especially if they do not go to a doctor, since they have the idea that by sweating a lot they will lose weight and all they can do is dehydrate.

When a person tells their friends that they want to lose weight, everyone thinks it is because of vanity or aesthetics, but it really is because of health issues. People who are overweight often develop cardiovascular diseases, which can cause them to lose their lives.

On this occasion we will share the recipe for an incredible shake with which you will be able to burn all that fat that you had not achieved, the best of all is that the ingredients it contains are natural and have an excellent flavor. So keep reading!

Natural shake to burn fat


Low-fat yogurt or Kefir (300 ml).

Oatmeal in flakes (2 tablespoons).

Linseed seeds (1 tablespoon).

Fleshy plums (7 units).

Cocoa powder (1 tablespoon).

Preparation method:

The first thing we should do is spray some boiling water over dried plums. We do this to soften the plums.

Then we cover the plums and let stand for 10 minutes.

Once this time has elapsed, we will pour the oatmeal, ground flaxseed, yogurt and cocoa powder into a separate container.

Then, we will cut the plums into small pieces. If necessary, we will put them in a blender to crush the plums well.

Then, we will mix the plums with the other ingredients.

Finally, we will empty the whisk into another container and store it in the fridge. The next day, we will have breakfast with this rich and energetic whisk. It will not only help us complete our journey, but it will help us lose weight.

As you can see it is not complicated to prepare this shake that will help you a lot during the next 30 days. You must keep in mind that this is not done for aesthetics, but rather health issues.

Note:  If you want to burn fat faster, we recommend that you also eat a balanced diet, do at least 30 minutes of exercise for 3 days a week, sleep well and stay hydrated.

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