This powerful drink will help you control your appetite

Many people have a hard time losing weight because they have a strong appetite, so they eat at any time.

Controlling the appetite can be very difficult for many people, although if you are one of those who find it hard to work, this time we present you the recipe of a powerful drink with which you will be able to control the appetite naturally.

It is made with carrot, apple and parsley, three incredible foods that bring a lot of benefits to your body, so pay close attention to how to prepare and consume it so you can control your appetite.

Drink to learn to control appetite

Next we will tell you what are the ingredients that you should get for this drink, as well as how to prepare it and take it to have an effect on your body.


Two carrots

One cucumber two green apples

A handful of parsley

Half a glass of water (100 ml)

Preparation and consumption method:

The first thing is to make the carrot and cucumber into small pieces, then it must be put in the blender jar. Immediately add the stipulated amount of water and parsley, now it should be liquefied until there is a homogeneous juice without lumps.

Then you get a drink that helps control your appetite and therefore lose weight. Its low calorie and fat intake is beneficial for your daily consumption. The high content of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals make it a natural energized drink and difficult to reject after its taste.

It is recommended to consume before breakfast or if you are already on a diet to lose weight, consume it as breakfast. In case it will not have any effect, since appetite will disappear, the best way to enhance its effect is to perform a routine of cardiovascular exercise two or three times a week.

Tips to control appetite

Eat before feeling hungry . If you have spent a lot of time without eating, the feeling of hunger will be uncontrollable. Do not wait to feel hungry and eat several servings a day with quality and healthy foods.

Sleep well . The quality of nighttime sleep has an impact on the ability to control hunger, if you don’t rest it increases your desire to eat sweets and junk foods. Organize your sleep schedules and look for sleeping between 7 to 8 hours without interruptions.

Water consumption is one of the most popular tips for controlling hunger . A good part of the people in the world suffer from some degree of dehydration that could later be mistaken for hunger. Drink a good amount of water a day.

Beware of liquid calories . With its consumption there is an increase in blood sugar that may imply the need to want to eat more. The solution is to limit the intake of sports drinks, dairy products and soft drinks.

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