We present some simple and inexpensive recipes to make your own homemade creams that remove stains.

Do not forget that to avoid skin blemishes, it is best to eliminate the cause that causes them, so we must  take care of our diet, avoid bad habits such as tobacco, use sunscreen, do not sunbathe in the hours of more radiation , etc.

The different recipes we offer are easy to prepare and have the advantage of not containing aggressive ingredients for the skin. We recommend trying different recipes to see which one works best for us.

Before applying the cream, it is very convenient  to gently exfoliate the skin  to eliminate dead cells and enhance their regeneration. We can make a very cheap scrub with baking soda, sugar or fine salt. We will apply it gently, mixed with oil if you have dry skin.

Whitening cream:

This cream is especially suitable  for darker spots , because its ingredients are natural bleaching agents.

A few drops of hydrogen peroxide

Two tablespoons of milk powder

A few drops of vegetable glycerin

A few drops of lemon juice

We will mix the ingredients well until we form a creamy paste, which we will apply before going to sleep on the skin and clean well with water in the morning when we get up.

Oatmeal and lemon nourishing cream:

This cream, in addition to helping us eliminate stains will also bring us  the nutritional benefits of oats and the purifying and cleansing properties of lemon.

A quarter of a teaspoon of fine fine ground oatmeal

A quarter of a liter of water

A teaspoon of lemon juice

We will mix the ingredients and apply this lotion every day for a week, leaving it to take effect for 15 minutes and rinsing it with water later.

Orange aromatic cream:

We will prepare a delicious and economical cream using the skin of an orange, which we will expose to the sun to dry. When it is dry, we will crush it until a very fine powder is obtained, which we will mix with milk and a few drops of vegetable glycerin in the following proportions:

Two tablespoons of orange peel powder

A spoonful of milk

A few drops of glycerin

We will apply it and let it act until it dries, then rinse with warm water.

Honey and turmeric cream:

This cream contains highly therapeutic ingredients, not only to remove stains but also to  nourish and deflate the skin , making it ideal for delicate skin or eczema. This cream is especially recommended for spots of a lighter color than the skin.

We will mix quality honey with turmeric powder until a thick texture is achieved. We will apply this mask for half an hour and clean well with water.

Refreshing and antioxidant lotion:

This lotion is very refreshing and lighter than the previous recipes, especially  recommended for oily skin and for hot weather.

1/2 cup cucumber juice

Two tablespoons of lemon juice

1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

Half a cup of rose water

We will mix the ingredients well and we will apply this lotion with a spray every morning and at bedtime. It is not necessary to rinse it with water, as it will also help us tone the skin.

Some final tips:

Some of these ingredients will help us prepare our personal recipe.

Lemon:  is ideal for lightening, cleaning and disinfecting the skin, but it can be a bit strong if we have delicate skin, in which case we would apply it mixed with glycerin.

Aloe vera:  is a plant that helps us moisturize oily skin and also heal acne marks and wounds. We can use it directly from the plant or buy one of the gels sold in pharmacies and herbalists.

Rosehip oil:  is highly regenerating and healing, ideal for dry and mature skin.

Vitamin E: which is used as a preservative in many cosmetics, helps us cleanse the skin, brighten it and remove the marks and spots we have.

Geranium essential oil:  has skin regenerating properties, so we recommend adding a few drops to our stain remover cream.

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