Two teaspoons of this old remedy a day and you forget about Colitis, Gastritis, Ulcers, Constipation, Kidney Stones thrown out

Diseases are the order of the day, these are everywhere so having diseases is very common, yes, it all depends on the strength of our immune system or the amount of vitamins our body has to defend itself.

This is key because it is practically impossible to be in a place where it is not threatened by bacteria, viruses or similar problems, so if you can not eliminate all those problems, the best thing in this case is to protect ourselves for any kind of thing that may happen.

The key to everything comes from food, from consuming the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us healthy, but sometimes preparing a natural remedy that contains all this is much better, today we are going to show you one that is excellent, which will free you of having things like colitis, gastritis, ulcers and even kidney stones.

The perfect remedy for health

To prepare our fabulous remedy we will need the following

  • ¼ pure honey
  • 2 leaves aloe vera (or aloe vera)
  • 2 green lemons

Preparation: The first thing is to remove the husk from the leaves of aloe vera, the idea is that we only use the pulp or the glass of it. Now, let’s place the lemons but these have to come with everything and peel, since the lemon peel is key to the preparation of this remedy. Then add the honey and proceed to liquefy everything, take your time because we must achieve a mixture as homogeneous as possible. We will strain everything and put it in a glass jar, so that we can store it in the fridge.

How to use: We must take a teaspoon of this remedy in the morning and at noon, both after eating.

This you have to do it in the following way, the first week as we showed you before and the other week we do it only in the morning. The next one we will rest completely (we do not take the remedy) but after that week we do return to treatment.

Consume this remedy and you will see the great results, if you liked this remedy remember to share it.