Viaxyl Muscle Builder Reviews – Does It Work? Read First!

When you are trying to increase your muscles, you already know what you should do. Eat lots of calories and protein, do a little cardio, a lot of weight lifting and take several supplements. Maybe some creatine, some protein, something to help you before and after exercising and, now, Viaxyl Muscle Builder. It is a new supplement that has been designed to work together with protein. The final benefit is to obtain bigger, harder and better muscles, what everyone wants

How Viaxyl Muscle Builder Works

The idea behind Viaxyl Muscle Builder is that it works on several levels to improve your physique.

First, it improves the amino acids that are used to generate and repair muscles. The key is that they are metabolized in the muscles and not in the liver. This makes them super efficient.

Then potentiate the Human Growth Hormone (or HGH). HGH helps to rest better at night and allows optimal tissue growth and repair during your night’s rest. It also gives you more energy and endurance.

It also increases Nitric Oxide in muscle tissue. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to strengthen your muscles.

Finally, Viaxyl Muscle Builder helps your body metabolize protein more efficiently. If you take whey protein together with Viaxyl Muscle Builder, you will maximize the benefits of whey.


Viaxyl Muscle Builder is one of those supplements that does not reveal its ingredients. They mention amino acids and they have completely natural ingredients, but that’s all we know. They also talk about how their ingredients have been clinically proven, but that is not something we can verify.

Where to Buy it?

The only way to buy Viaxyl Muscle Builder is because of its “free trial” offer available online. This means that you sign up for a free trial paying shipping costs that are $ 4.99. If you do nothing, after 14 days you will be entered into a self-mail program where you will be charged $ 89.95 for the “free” bottle and a new bottle will be sent to you each month for the same cost. This is a popular way to sell supplements online, but it is also a problem for many men who do not know what is going on when they accept a free trial.

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Viaxyl Muscle Builder and …

If you search a bit, you will find that several sites suggest that you use Viaxyl Muscle Builder along with another supplement for maximum results. Usually, both products are offered through “free tests” so you end up with a large charge every month on your credit card … and that’s something you never wanted to happen.

Pros & Cons of Viaxyl Muscle Builder

Advantages of Viaxyl Muscle Builder


Disadvantages of Viaxyl Muscle Builder

The only way to buy it is through the offer for the free trial.

The ingredients are not mentioned on the website.


There are many bodybuilding supplements available through free testing programs and we often see places that mention how this supplement should be combined with that. These products and the way they are available have more to do with making companies earn a lot of money and not with helping them get bigger and better muscles. We recommend that you find something better than Viaxyl Muscle Builder, a product that has a solid reputation that validates it.