We are all a little reluctant to think that our bed can be colonized by these small insects.


We are all a little reluctant to think that our bed can be colonized by these small insects. Today we tell you how to eliminate them with a simple remedy that you can carry out once a month.

The bed is the resting place of all, it is almost a sanctuary to which we resort when we are totally tired.

Overwhelmed and we do not want to know anything about the world, but probably we did not know that there are living beings that can be living inside our sheets and that can be dangerous for our health.

Although we always think of the bed as a place of relaxation and rest, it can also be the place where you start to get sick without you noticing. All because of the proliferation of mites, which are microscopic beings that we trust a lot or do not give enough importance.

If you want to prevent the creation of mites inside your bed you should learn some very basic cleaning habits, especially because the problems that mites bring are some type of allergies, infections and even respiratory system problems. So it is best to start becoming aware of how to eliminate this problem.

Learn to kill the millions of mites that are probably living inside your bed

Now you will not have to worry about sleeping on some microscopic beings, if you understand that these are born through things like sweating, dead cells or dust, it will be the first step to overcome them.

Also, you will not have to look for elaborate medicines, with some homemade tricks you can clean and disinfect completely from your sheets to your mattress, making the mites go away once and for all.

The ingredients you should look for are:

1 cup with 200 g of baking soda

10 drops of oil essence

A sieve

A brush

A manual vacuum

What you have to do is:

Mix the baking soda together with the essential oil

When the mixture is ready put it through the sieve

Spray this on top of the mattress

Rub all the mattress with a brush

Let this act for one hour

Remove what’s left with a vacuum cleaner

If you want all this to work, it is best to repeat the process during the following month and so you will be very sure that this worked completely.


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