Wear this mask at night, and the next morning, stand in front of the mirror …

We all like to look completely young and wrinkle-free skin, but unfortunately this cannot be for all time.

There are creams and medical treatments that will help us to eliminate wrinkles on the skin, but if you want to treat this disease naturally, then we will let you know a series of homemade masks with which you can achieve it. All of them are easy to prepare, but it should be noted that they are not magical, it takes time to take effect so you should not stop being constant.

So choose the mask you like best and enjoy younger skin.

Homemade anti-aging masks

Beer mask for skin tenderness


2 tbsp of beer

2 tbsp of semolina

100 ml of milk

1 tsp of vegetable oil

How to use:

Prepare a semolina porridge with milk, add butter and beer. Let it cook covered lid for 5 minutes.

Apply this hot mixture on your face for 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Semolina nourishing mask


2 tbsp of semolina

1 egg yolk

1 tsp of honey

1 tsp Of olive oil

How to use:

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin. Keep the mask until it dries completely.

First apply a little more of this warm nutrient mixture, and then rinse with cold water.

Rejuvenating facial mask


25 g semolina

50 ml milk cream

How to use:

Mix the semolina and the cream, and stir until smooth. Milk cream can optionally be substituted for sour cream or butter, but milk cream is the best.

Apply the mask on the clean face, and keep it there for 15 minutes. Gently massage the face, along the massage lines. Then, rinse first with warm water, and then with cold water. This thermal contrast wash significantly revitalizes the skin!

Semolina exfoliating oil


2 tbsp of semolina

2 tbsp Of olive oil

How to use:

Dip your fingers in the oil, and then in semolina. Massage with them your clean car2-a.

Repeat this procedure several times. Then, clear your face in the usual way.

These rejuvenating masks are perfect for any age, however, ladies over 40 are recommended to repeat it 3 times a week, once every 2 days.

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