What are those transparent spots that float in our eyes?

Surely you’ve seen some white spots that float in your eyes.

And if you have ever wondered what it is and you have not received any response, in this article we tell you the name of this event, since about 70% of people, at some given time in their life, have perceived that in his field of vision a series of spots suddenly appeared from side to side without having the slightest idea of ​​what it was and what was the reason why they had appeared.

Read carefully.

What are the spots that float in our eyes?

They are some spots that are totally undetectable if we try to look at them from outside our eye (looking in a mirror or telling another person to take a look to tell us what it is that we see floating in our visual field), but we can follow them with our eyes and see how they move from one side to another.

These floating spots are called ‘myoopsopsia’, although they are also known as ‘flying flies’.

In reality, the appearance of these flying flies in our field of vision are the result of an eye defect that causes them to appear and we can see them, but which does not really correspond to any existing object from outside, being in most cases tiny impurities that They are found in the fluid that fills our eyeball and is known as ‘vitreous humor’.

These flying flies usually appear with age and are a consequence of the accumulation of very small residues that accumulate in the eye fluid over the years. It should be noted that vitreous humor is a liquid that is not renewed in our entire lives, being the same since our eyes are formed in the womb.

As we age the accumulation of tiny particles is what makes us see some spots floating in front of our eyes, although this does not happen to everyone (as indicated at the beginning of the post) and given exceptional cases of very young people or children that also happen to them.

Despite the fact that once they appear, they remain floating in our visual field, they are not usually annoying, nor do we see them permanently because our brain causes our eyes to ignore them and are only noticeable at occasional moments (when looking at sky, ceiling or a wall or white sheet …).

Ophthalmology experts point out that we should not worry about the appearance in our visual field of these floating bodies, since, as I have previously pointed out, the main cause of them being there is age and as you become an adult it is more common and usual its presence. Obviously, there are isolated cases of people who can not fail to perceive these flying flies being constantly present in their visual field, so they must be treated by a specialist.


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