When you go out for several days at home do not forget to put a coin in the freezer


In ancient times salt was used to preserve food. In fact, until recently that method was still used so that they would not spoil. However, in modern times we have more sophisticated methods, such as refrigeration.

But today things are completely different, if we do not finish a meal what we do is place it in the refrigerator, this way everything is preserved for longer and we can cook it the next day.

Why do we mention this? Because when we go on vacation we will never know if the power went out and for how long, in this way the food can spoil and we eat it as if nothing.

Why it is important to put a coin in the freezer

There is an extremely simple method that can be of great help. With it you can determine if your food is damaged and if they have any bacteria. If we do it correctly, the result can be very accurate.

What we will need:

Currency (1 unit).

Water (1 cup of chrome).


Knowing if your food could be damaged while you were on vacation is very simple with this trick. The first thing you should do is enter the cup of water in the freezer. Once it solidifies, we will take out the cup and put a coin on the ice inside the cup. Finally, we will return the cup to the freezer and go on vacation.

Upon returning home, before cooking anything frozen, take the cup where you put the coin and observe its position. If the currency is right where you left it, you can be sure that there were no electrical failures. Therefore, the food was not defrosted even once, so it is in perfect condition.

However, if the coin sank even a little, it is a clear indication that there were brief blackouts. In other words, some of your food may have been damaged. Therefore, we encourage you to review them carefully before using them.

If instead the currency is at the bottom of the cup, it is because there was a long period of electrical failure. Therefore, it is very likely that all your food has spoiled. In that case, we encourage you to discard them completely instead of eating them. That way, you will avoid taking unnecessary health risks.


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