Why add pepper to your washing machine

There’s nothing worse than taking your clothes out of the dryer and realizing that your favorite red dress has faded to a pink hue you would never have chosen. While laundry is never a fun activity, moments like this make it unbearable

Although there are a variety of detergents that work to protect brighter colors, costs can add up. Forget about spending your money on special detergents, try this trick with unexpected spices directly from your kitchen.


Clothes detergent

Ground black pepper

Dirty colored clothes


1. Gather your materials

Gather a pile of dirty colored clothes, laundry detergent and a couple of teaspoons of black pepper.

2. Lava

Load your washer as you would normally with your favorite laundry detergent. Then, add a couple of teaspoons of ground black pepper. Turn on your washing machine.

3. Withdraw

Once the cycle is finished, charge your dryer. Once dry, remove and fold the clothes bright and clean.

Other tips

Make sure you set the water temperature of your machine cold.

Do not worry if you smell like pepper or if you have waste in your clothes. All pepper will be removed with the rinse cycle.