With this remedy you will remove all the fat from your liver

Today there are thousands of methods to remove fat from the liver, but none like this natural remedy that we will present today. so you can prepare this sun remedy you need a little time and patience.

So enough to spend more money on other types of methods or treatments prescribed by doctors, which besides being very expensive, are not safe because of their strong ingredients and that can cause other damage to your body.

Next we will leave you the steps that you must follow and the necessary ingredients so that you can prepare correctly this remedy that will help you to eliminate all the fat of the liver. the results are amazing.

Lemon and beet juice:

Ingredients needed:

Medium beets (2 units).

Lemons (2 units).

Mineral water (2 cups).

Preparation and consumption mode:

The first step is to wash the raw beets very well. Since its shell is quite thin, it will not be necessary to peel them. We will simply cut it into small pieces and pour it into the blender. Next, we add the 2 cups of water and liquefy everything very well. Afterwards, we will add the lemon juice to the drink and we will return and beat it. Under no circumstances should we add sugar to the drink.

We will take this powerful drink 3 times a day for 7 continuous days. This juice will do an excellent job in our liver. Among other things, it will help you in your work of purifying the substances of the organism. As a result, it will prevent the accumulation of fat in said organ. In addition, it will prevent you from releasing certain toxic substances that are harmful to yourself.

Green juice for the liver

Ingredients needed:

Apple juice (2 cups).

Lemons (2 units).

Parsley juice (500 ml).

Garlic (½ tooth).

Olive oil (8 grams).

Ground ginger (5 grams).

Infusion of herbs.

Preparation and consumption mode:

Preparing this drink is extremely easy, like the previous juice. All we have to do is pour all the ingredients in a blender and liquefy them for several minutes. After you have reached the frame of your liking, you can turn off the blender.

Serve immediately and drink the substance slowly. This process must be repeated for 5 continuous days, 2 hours before each meal. To enhance its effect, you can add artichokes, papayas, pineapple, tomatoes, pears and pumpkins to your diet.

That fatty liver does not continue to be a problem for your health and well-being. You already know what you can do to fight it easily and effortlessly. Therefore, start taking these juices as soon as possible and eliminate the accumulated fat in the liver. If you found simple recipes, share them on your social networks with all your contacts.


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